Pay Attention To Safety Issues Tandem Bicycle When Riding

- May 03, 2016 -

Yesterday afternoon, the East Lake in Hunan ring road, a boy riding a tandem bicycle in the leadership of the parents, the right card into the wheels, but fortunately just skin trauma, parents a false alarm. Recently the weather gets warmer, many people began to go out outing, outdoor sports are also more up. According to the reporter, the situation of children injured than normal reflexes. Emergency department reminded the public, parents should watch over the children, select the appropriate and reasonable place and play facilities.

5-year-old boy right card into the wheels

Yesterday 11:00 and more, Yinzhou District 120 dispatch center received a distress call, said East Lake in Hunan ring road, there is a children's foot into the wheels caught hurt.

Ambulance to the scene, lorry doctors discovered that the name of the boy's right foot five card gap between the wheels and chains inside. After examination, just skin trauma, not hurt bones, but still want to the hospital to deal with the wound.

"I blame careless, not optimistic about the children." Parents Mr. Yi is very self-blame, he said yesterday he kids to East Lake outing, watching the street variety of double, triple bike, son excited, literally to go with his ride.

Like to see his son, Mr. Yi agreed, rented a tandem bicycle, let his son sit in front of the location, he stepped behind the wheel. Just started not long ride, he suddenly felt the wheels stuck for a moment, and then they heard his son burst into tears, he hastened to stop.

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