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- May 03, 2016-

Initially the damping system fitted to the car mountaineering main purpose is to deal with the collision when the downhill race. The latest full suspension mountain bike is based on strong, these conditions produced a comfortable all day ride in the car does not feel very tired, so that full suspension mountain bike is the most comfortable mountain bike. Full suspension mountain bike downhill race has been limited to special, except that it is a method, if this is to mountain bike downhill race special, in addition to full suspension, all of its parts are designed to fit downhill designed vigorously collision during the Games, so its weight than the average cross-country full suspension mountain bike with a weight about 10 pounds (4-5kg) around. Under the premise of seeking comfort, you'll choose full suspension mountain bike to participate in any kind of activity, but one thing you have to remember, because the added shock absorbers, off-road mountain climbing in the pros rode car, in order to get the victory and the choice of lightweight, and can achieve higher efficiency equipment. In cross-country mountain bike design, it is able to climb uphill, the sooner the better, but do not care about downhill or when special circumstances encountered uneven pavement. Pro-level mountain bike quite light, sometimes even before the shock absorber is included in general 23 lbs (10.5kg) or less.

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