It Is Easy To Fall Tandem Bicycle

- May 03, 2016 -

Double bike easy to pour it? In fact, if two people with the good, is not easy to pour.

First, the rotating wheels, "is not easy to bike down" effect that can not be ignored.

Second, how can the bicycle wheel rotation is not easy to fall? Marching, bicycle wheel motion can be decomposed into rotation about the axis of the vehicle and with the advancement of "translation." Here only analyze pivoting wheels on the bicycle falls down

Third, the rider has the following effects:

1. let the wheels turn, so have the "gyroscopic effect", giving the bike mechanics laid the foundation easily pourable;

2. Because at a certain speed, the ability to wheel interference is limited. One is the role of the rider through the bike rider posture control or own attitude adjustment, so that interference is always maintained within the critical value;

3. Adjust the bike posture, so that it has better stability, such as increasing the wheel speed, appropriately changing the direction of the car and so on;

4. Adjust the overall attitude to counteract interference. As a result of the ground or crosswind to make the car always tilted to one side, while the route and turns are not allowed, you need to adjust the attitude, offset interference, keep the car does not fall state.

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