Folding Bicycles Should Be How To Choose

- May 03, 2016 -

1. Determine the one-way journey, whether folding away to meet this demand;

2. The car needs shift function, depending on the distance of their own way to work, determined to ride a single speed drive will not hard. If you want to select a single-speed car, the gear ratio is recommended to be at 50:11 And when the 60: 9 Choose between teeth than the car is too small will speed up in the future, it is easy to become Caikong ring, so do not pull its weight; gear ratio over the General Assembly so that the initial stage of Fixed and stepped knee injury o (╯ □ ╰) o. Most have variable speed capabilities bikes are road-based transmission systems and wheels, it is to consider the needs of urban transport.

3. Conventional ride cruising speed will normally be about 20 / kmh (completely tired no pressure, the girls in our team and company are riding the cruising speed is no problem), taking into account the traffic lights, and so time-consuming, you can see whether to allow time aspect;

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