Dead Coaster History

- May 03, 2016 -

Cycling requires a certain technique, and can play a pattern, so that the dead coaster more fashionable and fun!

The campaign also has a certain degree of risk, the chainring and crank completely together, commonly known as "dead flywheel." This means that it can not reverse the pulley, is advancing forward, backward is backwards. Some people call this a "coaster brake", but that is because this configuration can be made so that it can glide back and a series of difficult moves. And FixedGear sport is extremely taxing, imagine when you ride fast, no ordinary bicycle brake assist when, if you want to immediately stop must have considerable skill and strength of it.

Dead fly art stop called "drift" drift is opposite pedal movement skills hard to stop rotation of the rear wheel. All the weights are placed on the front wheel drift length can be longer, this action can impress others. If you want a quick stop to need to do to stop the rider instead of jumping, like a crowded street parking in the same.

Fixed Gear bike is very beautiful, because they are only a simplified frame, two wheels, handlebars and a transposon, usually without brake lines, no gear converter, no fenders, no lights, no reflectors, no brakes, clean bike.

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