Car Knowledge

- May 03, 2016 -

1 Front Axle Front hub

With respect to the rear wheel, the front wheel needs to withstand the torque is not so large, so the axle relative to a lot more choice, in addition to Flanges (Flange) the level of informality outside (High flange, Low flange), most can pick spoke several relatively less axle, while colors can do with the body color combination, some noble brand will launch a variety of customized axle group.

2 Wheel Rim

Wheels optional elements in addition to the correct specifications and rugged, more importantly, in fact, is the number of good-looking ... first spoke wheels and axles must be the same (for example, buy axle is 32 pieces, the wheels also buy 32 pieces a), as strong to have to look at the various brands of different rim designs and materials, and because the front wheel pressure is quite small, sturdy wheels degree requirements are not so high. Finally, and most important, is the wheel shape and color circle. Some brands of wheels provide a variety of color choices.

3 pieces Spokes

Spoke of the need to spend most of the expertise, the first round web design firm will affect the degree of weight, length and width must be fully compatible with the wheel axle and wheels, while a different presentation (radial, cross 1, 3 cross, etc.) will affect the length of the spokes. this part of the need to measure the time of purchase be sure to go to a high enough degree of professional bike shop.

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