Bicycle Manufacturer With Your Appreciation Of The European Cargo Bike

- May 03, 2016 -

After World War II with the internal combustion engine is widely used in industrialized countries, freight cars bike gradually replaced, and turned a lot of use in developing countries. After the 1980s, environmental issues, the increasingly high fuel prices, traffic congestion and the potential role of freight bicycle parking tickets so that the city increasingly prominent. Veteran big country bike city postal, warehousing, transportation, cleaning recycling, sale of food and other industries begin using the cargo bicycle to transport small items.

Large companies have begun to attach importance to the convenience and low cost bicycle, for example, DHL has set up a special cycling team in 24 cities in nine European countries (DHL Parcycle). DHL said they use the city bicycle courier can deliver faster, and can be a long stop at the destination gate, do not worry about the ticket.

Cargo bicycles not only act as instruments of production workers, have gradually become the common European family life practical tools, like pickups and SUV's in the United States. In the city, adults can often be seen riding a bicycle commuter freight, shopping or transport children to school, play. In Copenhagen, 25% of households have a cargo bike, every day there are about 40,000 freight bicycle road. In Amsterdam, 90% of parents are used to transport cargo bike children.

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