A Standard Of Excellence Long Wagon

- May 03, 2016-

Many people do not realize the real full wagon load is very different from the ordinary bike (no load capacity). To be placed on a bicycle more things, under pressure, the greater the deformation of the frame. This led to some unrest, more unstable surface such as when riding. Sometimes it can be dangerous. Therefore, a qualified travel bike frame to be stronger than normal, sturdy, only sufficient to meet the pressing load on the rear frame. A station wagon should give such a good feeling: There is no time in the weight seems too rough, and only in case it appears to load coordination. Especially when you feel more obvious when climbing: a strong regrets wagon will support you, and poor bike will fall apart as fragile as to drag you back. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the frame (including fork) is the most important part of the bike; any other parts are free to be replaced, the frame can not be alone. All accessories depending on the frame may be. For this reason, in fact, is to buy a station wagon to buy a suitable frame, other accessories are clouds.

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