Vehicle maintenance Maintenance Precautions

- May 03, 2016 -

Applications found that when we maintenance of electric vehicles, the need for the following six steps, then the specific how to do it? What role do there? 1. Check: through the examination of electric vehicles, to determine the deformation and damage components (extent, the status quo). 2. fastening: fastening work is to make the four-wheel electric car components and reliable connection to prevent loose parts is an important maintenance operations. The focus is on securing the various parts and often subject to large load changes in the joints, as well as connecting bolt, the battery connector bolts, the necessary tightening and replacement. 3. Clean: cleaning work is to improve the quality of care and four-wheel electric vehicles, car parts to prevent corrosion, reduce engine wear and reduces energy loss foundation. 4. Lubrication: Lubrication is mainly to reduce mechanical friction and reduce mechanical wear and tear. 5. Adjust: Adjust work is to ensure that all the key four-wheel electric vehicle assembly and parts, long-term working. According to technical requirements and the actual needs of the assembly, with the gap member, travel and work performance, effective debugging and adjustment. 6. supply: supply work refers to the maintenance of electric vehicles, lubricants and special working fluids for electric vehicles, were filling supplement, so as to achieve enhanced vehicle assembly and all parts of life.

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