The development trend of electric vehicles

- May 03, 2016 -

Expected to be broken. According to incomplete statistics, as of now, there are more than a dozen provinces and cities nationwide introduction of charging fees for services. Analysts pointed out that the introduction of electric vehicle charging service fees standard will promote the construction of charging piles and other facilities to some extent, help to promote popularize electric vehicles.

Although popularize electric vehicles still a long way to go, the biggest problem currently impede the promotion of electric vehicle technology, including battery life, charging time, and maintenance issues. Moreover, according to the Shandong electric vehicle manufacturers research, the primary influence consumer purchase power issue is the mileage of electric cars, from the market, the current electric vehicles in terms of comfort, safety and the still difficult compared to traditional fuel vehicles, consumer in the selection still prefer more traditional fuel vehicles. However, as China's second batch of new energy vehicles to promote the launch of the city's application, more and more people can enjoy the private purchase of new energy vehicles subsidies, which contributed to the promotion of electric vehicles in large part.

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