Summer maintenance problems of electric vehicles

- May 03, 2016 -

First day rainstorm Do not ride electric vehicles. Summer is also the season of rain concentrated, electric vehicle controller, batteries, motors and other measures have water, but that does not mean that an electric car can take in driving rain. In the rain, especially heavy rain riding electric car driving, the electric car is easy to soak bad. Do not open-air car park also because battery electric vehicles are most afraid of water. Slight water only ventilation to dry; if more serious, it is in need of repair. Electric vehicles most likely to the water is bad motor and controller, we pay special attention to water depth, without more than half of the electric wheel to normal driving.

Second, we should avoid sun exposure at high temperatures. Use the battery in the hot season, should avoid over-charging problem. In order to prevent excessive charge voltage, battery temperature should be reduced as much as possible, to ensure good heat dissipation. Exposure to the sun causes a sharp rise in temperature inside the power to bring the battery temperature rise, leading to increased pressure inside the battery during charging leaving water loss increases, thus affecting the electric car battery life. Summer prohibit charging at high temperatures, heat is generated when charging the battery, the battery temperature increases, coupled with the charge if the ambient temperature is high, could easily lead to dehydration increasing battery prematurely dry up; if the battery charging power supply box does not turn hot or green light, it is timely to the respective service point for electric car battery detection, and fluid maintenance.

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