Small road public bicycle station shut down

- May 03, 2016-

Who lives in Yuhuatai can renli Ms. Huang, the Drum Tower to work every morning is to walk from home Yuhua Road junction card ride public bicycle to China Gate subway station, take the subway and go to the Drum Tower. 8 o'clock yesterday morning, Ms. Huang rode bicycles to the public China Gate subway station, there is a public bicycle site on Yuhua Road, turn east corners, Wong will advance the slot pile driver on the car, has been prompt "communication failure", even for a few Wong pile driver, the car can not be both. In desperation, Ms. Huang had to back away from this bike ride three or four meters away in front of the Days Inn, where a public bike station, Wong also quickly out of the car, all the way back to China Gate subway station. This to a back, delayed almost half an hour, almost dragged Ms. Huang was late for work.

The same day, the reporter came to Ms. Huang was unable to swipe the car suffered a public bike site that is located in China Gate subway station exit southeast, viaducts and side walls at the corners, a lot of public bicycle parked on the pile, since the day bad weather, no wind, came a lot of people still ride card, but rely on a credit card when the card area, will hear "I'm sorry, communication fault" tone, try a few have even issued a similar tone . "Cold weather, the machine is estimated nipped", passing an old master he said.

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