MTB simulator does not go on sale this year will be able to experience the thrill of mountain biking

- May 03, 2016 -

Now the city's mountain bike often do not have the function of either party the students, office workers commuting tool, either for lovers weekend road brush tool, and how many people ride the mountain bike it ? estimate on the one hand due to the small city of mountain road, on the other hand may have been afraid to fall.

As more and more domestic and international mountain bike race, how to do neither out of danger, but also excel master it? Now a kind of mountain bike simulator, you can simulate riding a mountain home screen, as if he really mountain riding on the same. Watching the knights ride across the mountain figure on TV, although we ready for it, but for various reasons do not always go out, this indoor exercise bike will crush all our excuses.

The exercise bike cool than conventional spinning too much. Like playing a game, you can ride off-road on a virtual mountain. If wearing virtual reality glasses, that is full of presence, it can achieve the intensity reserved. In the virtual encounter bumpy mountain road, you can also have the same feeling, it is simply the principle of vibration handle.

In this way, we can immersive cross country ride, but do not worry about a security problem. The fitness vendors will be held this year on sale, the specific price has not been decided now, at least certainly in the first abroad. If you want to ride the mountain, but do not want to go out to exercise, that it really is the best choice.

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