Electric cars Warnings and Precautions

- May 03, 2016-

hank you for choosing in the source of electric vehicle products, for better play toward the source of electric vehicle performance and prolong its service life, protect personal property and vehicle safety; toward the source of electric vehicles Tips: Please strictly observe the following use of electric vehicles warnings and precautions, and "product manual" using towards the source of electric vehicles (including electric bicycles and electric motorcycles and electric bicycles lithium.

1, in strict accordance with "product specification" in guiding the use of a variety of electric vehicles, please wear a safety helmet before using this product and comply with traffic laws and regulations; or illegally modified vehicles.

2, may not be a defective vehicle to a non-professional maintenance.

3, prohibits the electric car battery positive and negative polarity, or directly to the battery pack into the charger input supply.

4 prohibit the battery pack and the electrode wire or other metal unnecessary physical contact or stored together, in order to avoid a short circuit, resulting in danger.

5. Prohibit Sting, hitting, throwing, shock the battery pack.

6, prohibit dismantle or modify the battery pack battery pack.

7, prohibited under the hot sun, as this may cause the battery to overheat, ignite or function failure.

8, prohibited the battery pack into a fire or heat the battery pack, do not park your car lithium stored in high temperature environments.

9, in order to avoid a short circuit causing the battery to liquid, liquid injection prohibition battery vehicle.

10, in order to avoid long electric car charging lead batteries fever dangerous, non-continuous charging more than 24 hours; charging should be circulating in the air where the charge, preferably 0 ~ 40 ° C in cool outdoor charging; prohibited near the fire sun exposure or under charging.

11, prohibiting the use of non-original charger toward the source.

12, prohibit the use of this product in the next over 64V electrostatic field.

13, the battery charging is not allowed during sustain discharge.

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