Bicycle gradually by everybody as entertainment

- May 03, 2016-

Hugo from net foreign media reports recently learned that because of women's bikes and electric bike sales continue to increase, Belgium 2015 bike market grew by 3.2%. According to the Belgian Bicycle Exhibition Velofollies third annual market survey, Belgium last year sold 450,519 bicycles.

It is reported that there are nearly 1,500 bike shops participated in the survey. In the sold bicycles, women bicycles accounted for 57.7 percent of men's bicycle market share of 42.3%. More and more people to bike, especially electric bicycles used for entertainment, this is the women's bicycle market share growth of the main reasons. The average price of electric bicycles increased by 5.8%, amounting to € 2,170.

Buy electric bicycles Belgian consumers are increasingly young, but high-speed electric bicycles has not been favored. 1/3 electric bike buyer age of 50 years or less, just 8.3% of people aged over 40 years old. Although younger consumers, but sales of high-speed electric bicycles has not grow. Maximum speed of 25 km standard electric bicycles accounted for 93.9% of market share. Maximum speed of 45 km bike only 5.3%, there is no speed limit of ultra-high-speed electric bicycle market share is very small.

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