Bicycle construction in the part name

- May 03, 2016 -

1, the basic structure of the frame member is constituted of a bicycle is the bicycle body frame and other components are also mounted directly or indirectly on the frame.

In the form of structural frame members are many, but in general can be divided into two categories: men's and women's chassis frame.

Brass frame generally use ordinary carbon through welding, combination. In order to reduce the tube weight, improve strength, more high-end bicycles low alloy steel tube manufacturing. In order to reduce the resistance of fast-moving, and some bike also features a streamlined steel.

Since the bike is to rely on the body's own drivers and cyclists driving skills, the frame becomes withstand bike in motion generated by the impact load and whether comfort, safely carrying important body structure, chassis parts manufacturing precision the merits, will directly affect the ride is safe, stable, and light. Spokes are generally equal diameter, in order to reduce the gravity, there are formed at both ends of large, middle small adjustable spokes, as well as to reduce air resistance will be made flat spokes streamlined

2, tire: min soft edges and hard-edge tire bead two kinds. Soft-sided wide cross-section tires, can all be wrapped around the tube, the ground area is relatively large, to fit a variety of road. Hard-edge tires, light weight, small size suitable for the ground running on a flat road, with a small resistance, the advantages of traveling light.

Tire tread on is to increase the friction with the ground. Mountain bike tire width particularly wide, deep tread is adapted to use off-road mountain.

3, pedal parts: the left and right foot support member mounted on the central axis of the crank member, the flat is a force into rotational force of device, the bicycle ride, pedal force is transmitted to the first part, and then by the foot pedals pedal crank shaft, the central axis, the chain flywheel with the rear wheel, so that the bicycle forward. Therefore, the structure and specifications of the pedal member is appropriate, will directly affect the rider's foot put position is appropriate, the bicycle drive can proceed smoothly.

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